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Tony Yajko  Artistic Director
Teal Yajko   
core member
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Därkhorse Drämatists, located in the theatre-rich community of Binghamton, NY, is a conglomerate of talented actors, writers and directors that come together to bring new plays to the forefront. Our goal is to breathe new life into community theatre, through engaging local audiences with fresh, bold work they can't see anywhere else. Although our playwrights unit is new to the scene, Därkhorse Drämatists' members are well seasoned veterans in the community.​
A published columnist and author of several produced plays including "Snowman in My Window", "Sacrifice of Saint John" and "Letting Go". Tony's theatrical talents also include acting, directing, producing and set & costume design. Tony also enjoys pushing a broom after the audience leaves.
Teal is an accomplished actor and writer of several plays including "Every Empty Mile" and "Green Thumb", as well as a tenured teacher at a local highschool. She holds a double masters degree, and teaches playwrighting along with the dramatic triangle. Teal also collects snowmen.
Committed to helping writers achieve their dream.
Shirley Goodman core member
Laura Cunningham  core member
Mickey Ray    core member
Shirley has a theater education degree from NYU. She is the author of several plays including "Helping Hands" and "Love Undead". She is a skilled actor & director and "performs" on a regular basis as a Middle School teacher. She is also blessed with a singing voice that makes angels jealous.
Mickey is a fabulous supporter, and the author of the play, "Imagine This". He is a seasoned actor and has performed on stage professionaly in the Kansas City & Binghamton area. Mickey is also skilled in graphic design and web pages. We thank him for his wonderful contributions! 
Laura is an award winning playwright. She has had several plays produced in the area including: "I'm not Dead Yet", "Frack You" and "Apron Strings". She has a keen eye for spelling errors and is a prolific writer. She is also the proud owner of a large wooden rocking horse named Bob.

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Bonnie Deforest  Stage Manager
Bonnie's experience onstage is matched only with her technical prowess behind the curtain. She has a knack for keeping actors, set pieces, props and costumes in the right places at the right times. Bonnie is an accomplished actor & director with an infectious smile and posititive attitude.
About the därkhorse drämatists
Chris holds a B.A. in Theatre from Binghamton University. He’s been performing for many years in over 100 productions from coast-to-coast and has won multiple acting awards. As a director, he has a great eye for presentation and is a trusted advisor in play selections as well. Chris' suggestions have lead to stronger festivals and we're grateful for his expertise.
Chris Nickerson
Head Director
Pete Bowers
  core member
Pete’s education led to all sorts of performing opportunities: Numerous plays, two and a half years of improv with the "SOS Players", one and a half years at Fox40, various work on two independent movies (writing, producing, acting, directing, filming, editing, etc.) and sixteen years of mobile DJ work.