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Thanks to all that helped make "Tales From the Script" 2012 a smashing success!
MUCH LOVE to the extremely talented cast of directors, writers & actors that came together to make "Tales from the Script" a smashing success! The house was packed two consecutive nights and we raised $150 for Saint Jude hospital, PLUS helped bring new work to the masses and support us local playwrights. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. Where these crazy horses gonna run now?

OCT 2012
JULY 2012
JUNE & JULY 2013
Another successful run for the horses
Därkhorse Drämatists produced a total of 7 original plays for their "200 MILES OFF-BROADWAY", new play fest. Four of the plays were from Binghamton-area authors and three came from playwrights abroad. We showcased the work at Tri Cities Opera in June and then at Deposit State theater in July. Attendance was strong for the most part, and even the smaller crowds in Deposit, NY were still enthusiastic about the experience. Most importantly, performances and writing were top-notch, after all, as Billy would say: “THE PLAY IS THE THING!”
OCT 2013
Därkhorse put the 'howl' in Halloween
​Därkhorse Drämatists produced a total of 7 unique plays for their "TALES FROM THE SCRIPT", Halloween play festival.  The crowds were hearty and receptive. We performed 3 plays from Binghamton-area authors and 4 plays from national writers from VT, GA and CA.  We are gaining momentum and building a core audience, in our second year as a production company.  Even during the extremely busy Halloween-weekend, when over a dozen other events were taking place, we still had a great turn-out!  Thanks to all the wonderful audience members, actors, directors and playwrights that made this dream a reality!  Besides the literary and cultural mission of our unit, we also raised about $150 for the Community Hunger Outreach program! So heading into the Thanksgiving season, we want to give a great big THANKS for all the love and support. You are the reason these crazy horses keep running!
Därkhorse has some love to give!
​Därkhorse Drämatists produced a total of 6 unique plays for their "FOUR OUR HEARTS", Love play festival.  We performed 4 plays from Binghamton-area & NY City authors and 2 plays from national writers from IA, and GA.  In some brutal February ice & snow, we still had a respectable crowd — plus we received the praise of critics and audience members alike. New faces in the acting troupe & directing finesse by theatre veterans, Mickey Ray & Chris Nickerson along with the fresh perspective of writer/director Pete Bowers all lent their favor upon us. The quality is improving, as-is the turn out for submissions! We 'fell in love' with these wonderful new shows and hope to see many of you at our Spring show, "200 MILES OFF BROADWAY"!
We were both overwhelmed and humbled to have received over 250 plays submitted for “200 Miles Off-Broadway”, new plays festival. It was hefty reflection we were able to select the following plays for inclusion in our 2014 New Play festival!:

“Immersion Therapy”  By David MacGregor

“Samuel Becket Drives Andre the Giant to School” By Ron Burch

“Wobble” By D.R. Baker

“Tatyana and the Cable Man” By John Doble

 “Slow Down and Be a Mime” By Holly Marks

“Another One Rides the Bus” By Shirley Goodman

“Anton and the Talking Potato” Written by Charles Berman & Pete Bowers

“Stained Glass Saints” By Joe Brofcak

FEB 2014
MAY 2014
We're happy to announce the plays selected for our 3rd annual TALES FROM THE SCRIPT, Halloween Play festival. Congratulations to all the playwrights!: 

"Halloween Marsha" by Catherine Weingarten

"Shakespeare Lives" by Mark Harvey Levine

"Ghost In My Eyes" by Shirley Goodman

"Poisoned Apples" by Daniel Guyton

"The Next Time" by Mickey Ray

"Meet Cute" by Evan Baughfman

"The Chair" by James C. Ferguson

"Polly" by Ron Burch 

Performed at the Roberson Museum and Science Center weekend of OCT 17TH, 2014.
OCT 2014
Congratulations on the following writers on their acceptance into Darkhorse Dramatists 2015, "WRITE To the Heart" — plays on love.

“No Tickee, No Horsee” - by Laura Cunningham
“Alana” - by L.H. Grant
“Raghead” - by Tom Coash
“The Doctor Is In” - by Tony Yajko
“Stat” - by Ron Burch
“Predator” - by Pete Bowers & Charles Berman
Congratulations on the following writers on their acceptance into Darkhorse Dramatists 2015, "200 Miles Off-Broadway" New Play Festival. Coming May 29th & 30th to TriCities Opera in Binghamton, NY.

“Unfaithful Descent” by Mickey Ray 

“Irish Wisdom” by Shirley Goodman 

“Change of Heart” by Vincent Terrell Durham 

“The Lake” by Norman Bert 

“Goth vrs. Cheerleader” by Catherine Weingarten 

“Romance a la Medicare” by Joe Feinstein 

“Princess of America” by Tony Tambasco 

FEB 2015
MAY 2015
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Congratulations on the following writers on their acceptance into Darkhorse Dramatists 2015, "Tales From the Script" Halloween Play Festival at the Cider Mill Playhouse.

“THE MISSION” by Joe Godfrey 

“RED WRITE HAND” by Evan Baughfman 

“OUR LITTLE ANGEL” by Steven Korbar 

“MUSIC FOR BUDDHA” by Shirley Goodman 



“UPSHOT” by Lisa Bruna 

OCT 2015
FEB 2016
JULY 2016
OCT 2016

Big THANKS to all the folks that made our 2016 production of Tales From the Script a success! Just look at the testimonials below from those whom attended:

"That was AWESOME! Every single play was hilarious, brilliant, and seamlessly performed. If you missed it tonight, I highly recommend going tomorrow night. Well worth the cost!"

"Great work, Darkhorse Dramatists! Such talent and creativity, very entertaining show, and so awesome to see so many familiar faces! Way to go!"

"Everyone did a great job, it was very entertaining. Congrats to all the actors and directors!"
FEB 2017
Spring has finally sprung, and Darkhorse can't wait to show off its new 'shorts'! Congrats to the following playwrights, selected for our "200 MILES OFF-BROADWAY" series, May 12th & 13th at Cider Mill Playhouse.

By Jason Irwin  

“The Kindness of Strangers”
By Jim Gordon

​​“Absolution Green”
By Paul Kodiak

​“Pearls of Wisdom”​
By Pete Bowers

​​“As Colonel Merideth Eastwood Floats in Space​”
By Alex Dremann

​“Water Under the Bridge”
by Shirley Goodman​

“Boxed In”
By Ciji Guerin

​“Beautiful C”
By Cat Robinson

“The Voice”
By Joe Gulla
MAY 2017
OCT 2017
Preview some of the videos available, below. See them all on our YouTube channel.
Preview some of the videos available, below. See them all on our YouTube channel.
Preview some of the videos available, below. See them all on our YouTube channel.
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